Life Challenges: Game Royale

Life Challenges: Game Royale

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Life Challenges: Game Royale

Can you pass round 6 to get the money? Let the life challenging k games begin! Do you want a handsome prize? Download the thrilling Life Challenges, participate in the challenges, and win big! Remember, there’s only one winner. The challenging game rules are simple. Your goal is to win all 6 k games. ROUND 1 - CANDY CHALLENGE You should cut the candy logo out of a dalgona candy. Press on the right time and release to win. Sounds easy? Let’s play ROUND 2 - RED LIGHT GAME This k game you played in your childhood. Green light – run, red light – freeze! You should be fast and sneaky unless you want to be eliminated from the game royale! ROUND 3 - STRENGTH CONTEST Join a team to play against another one in a test of strength! Don’t try to show your strength, but great strategy skills! Don’t forget your life depends on your victory in this tug of war challenge. ROUND 4 - MARBLES Play any game you like to get all the marbles, provided there’s no violence! Make your opponent guess odds and evens or try to hit the hole first! ROUND 5 - GLASS BRIDGE Have you ever played glass stepping stones? It’s high time you learned! Step on a stable platform carefully and don’t fall down! You have to reach the finish line safe and sound! ROUND 6 - LIFE CHALLENGE Play the popular k-game, and get alive! Defender or attacher? You decide! The challenge game features: - Addictive gameplay - Real survival thrill - Bright graphics & animation - More challenging games to come soon Join the epic Life Challenges now! Let the great game begin!
Can you pass round 6 to get the money Let the life challenging k games begin Do you want a handsome prize Download the thrilling Life Challenges participate in the challenges and win big Remember there s only one winner The c


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